Travel is typically a company’s third largest expense after rent and salaries. Fulfilment of Accommodation representing roughly 40 to 50% of this spend, still remains largely fragmented

CSR was born out of a latent desire to change the way companies spend on accommodation by providing them the right platform to manage it. The traditional models that existed did not provide any framework for corporations to capture real time information, analyse data, implement cost saving measures, leverage on volumes and realise savings on every travel dollar spend. As companies grew bigger and bigger, instead of closing in-the gaps were becoming wider and more disintegrated.

Abdus Saleem, managing director, founded Corporate Solutions Redefined in 2007. Under his strategic management, CSR has grown to a 200+ member team and capitalized on the market opportunities through intelligent growth and the incorporation of proprietary technology to surpass at servicing its clients’ diverse requirements. CSR’s long-term allegiance to the core values of providing a highly-personalized service, developing innovative and flexible solutions, and demonstrating a positive and consistent ROI, has catapulted it to the forefront of corporate accommodation management in India today.


At CSR our philosophy is to focus on our clients. We reinforce this with three differentiators;


The 5 member team was responsible for an annual sales of USD 4.5 million in its founding year.

CSR saves AUD 1250 for a client on a single transaction in Sydney

CSR’s global operations have a turnover of USD 37 million. The team now comprises 150 members.

CSR TravelAssist, Mobile app launched on for Android, Windows and I phone.

CSR has grown to a team of 200 and anticipates sales of USD 150 million for the company.

CSR travel ERP launched


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Managing Director

Abdus Saleem founded CSR Global in 2007 after he noticed the need for travel services for corporates. His vision was to integrate travel information, bookings and documentation into one seamless interface that can be easily integrated into a client’s MIS. This lead to the creation of CSR Global’s innovative software.

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Board Member

Saravanan has worked in leading companies such as Microsoft, and EMC Corporation where he was the Senior Vice President and General Manager respectively. His keen business sense and leadership abilities play a large role in CSR Global’s business decisions.

Board Member

Noorudin has worked with several technology companies both in India and overseas. As a mentor, he offers advice on the business of Information Technology.

Board Member

Ashish Vohra is the founder and CEO of jüSTa, a chain of luxury hotels located in various parts of India. Post his MBA, he worked with the Oberoi Group for nearly 14 years.


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VP, Sales

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VP, Product

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Head, Sales

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