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Because customer service is our priority

Service Suite

CSR’s technology, accommodation and MICE products and solutions cover all aspects of a company’s corporate travel and hospitality needs. The technology platform, accommodation and MICE services can be customized to suit the company’s business needs. These services can be used independently or as a combination.


The backbone of our operations, CSR Stay is a B2E platform loaded with close to 10,000 hotels and apartments worldwide. This exclusive content, integrated with multiple OTAs incorporates client contracts and CSR contracts with multiple rates per hotel or apartment thereby offering corporates our Best Buy purchase model. Loaded with innumerable features, CSR Stay is corporate policy compliant ensuring granular data capture thereby enhancing audits and reports for better decision making.


CSR MICE is a comprehensive service that provides both end to end and differential offerings which includes team outings, dinner events , corporate level events and customer events.

The events could include as basic as meal or as extensive as travel/ transportation/accommodation and entertainment.